Always interested in the workings of organizations that really have no accountability to anyone.
Here are the details of this story and the dealings with Hydro Quebec.
We lost power last night (January 3 2017) at about 9:15

There was still no resolution when my wife and I and our 2 dogs turned in around 10:15 or so. She stayed on tablet and I just lying there. About 11:45 or so the power came back on and we thought great. Stayed on long enough for the clock radio in the bedroom to rest the time and date then we were plunged into darkness again. Total time of power about 2 minutes to read so. The same thing happened at about 2AM for about 5 minutes this time. At the time of writing this (9:30AM) still no power and no sign when it will resume. We did go out to a nearby fast food place at 5:45 to get some hot breakfast and some hot drinks. This is where our Hydro Quebec experience starts. 

Taxation in Canada

As a former Revenue Canada employee I feel qualified to comment on the taxation system within Canada. There are many good features of this system, but there are also many shortcomings of the self assessment system.

To find where your province stands in the personal tax scheme please go to our friends at taxtips and enter an amount (same if you want a fair comparison).

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